Policies and Procedures

G0302p Partnerships Procedure

Procedure: A partnership is defined as a significant, ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between the college and an outside organization.

The College has developed general guidelines to guide decision-making in the establishment of formal partnerships and review partnerships regularly to be sure that they are meeting the standards of quality and service to which we hold ourselves. These include that all partnerships will have mutually agreed upon goals and:

  • will be mutually beneficial to all partners
  • will be projected to succeed
  • will conform to existing district policy
  • will be formalized in writing
  • are adequately supported by College fiscal and human resources

Contact:  Partnerships can and do develop across the college with multiple points of contact.  To maintain consistency of application, either the President's office or the Director of Business and Industry Services should be notified and involved as necessary in each partnership.

In order to insure successful and productive partnerships, a memorandum of understanding, contract or other written agreement shall be put in place and fully executed before the partnerships commence. Each agreement shall have the following information and approvals:

  1. Full legal contact information for each partner.
  2. Clear language delineating each parties roles and responsibilities.
  3. Where appropriate, any financial exchange should be explained with indication given as to any service provided as a means of payment. 
  4. All donations of monetary value including cash or equipment made to Western should be formally given to the Western Technical College Foundation and appropriately documented.
  5. Any additional documentation required by the college or partners should be indicated. (i.e. student liability waivers, releases etc).
  6. Each agreement should be approved by and contain the signature of the:
    1. President or Representative
    2. Dean of the appropriate division (where appropriate)
    3. Director of Business and Industry Services (where appropriate)
    4. Executive Director, Western Foundation (where appropriate)
    5. Partner representative at a level with the authority to commit to the agreement
    6. Board of Directors (where appropriate)
    7. Others as required. 

Evaluation: Partnerships will need to be evaluated by all partners at a minimum of once a year or as dictated in the partnership agreement. 

Exception: Agreements covering clinical sites, fieldwork and practicums as well as articulation agreements are regulated by outside agencies and do not fall under this policy and procedure.  A relationship which involves only the donation of material or equipment is not considered a partnership for the purposes of this policy.   

Approved May 21, 2013