Policies and Procedures

F0400p Procedures for Implementing/Maintaining Tobacco-Free Campus

Tobacco Free Environment Procedures

Tobacco use including smoking and smokeless tobacco is prohibited on all property and in all indoor and outdoor spaces owned by Western Technical College, or otherwise controlled by the District.

  • Notification of the Tobacco Free Environment shall be published on a continual basis in the College catalog and class schedules. The notification will also be posted on Western's website.
  • "Tobacco Free" signs may be posted at the entrance to the tobacco free boundaries.
  • All cigarette urns should be removed from inside the tobacco free campus facilities and properties so as not to encourage the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Tobacco products will not be sold on the College property.
  • Set clauses in the handbook that tobacco products companies cannot sponsor events on campus.
  • The Tobacco Free Campus Environment Policy will be the responsibility of every student, faculty member, staff member and visitor.


  1. Set Boundaries
    1. The safety committee shall make recommendation for the tobacco free boundaries on all College properties
      1. La Crosse Campus
      2. Black River Falls Campus
      3. Diesel/Automotive Center
      4. Independence Campus
      5. Mauston Campus
      6. Sparta Training Center
      7. Tomah Campus
      8. Viroqua Campus
    2. Create Signs
  2. Communication and Education
    1. Zeal
    2. Flyers
    3. Orientation
    4. Instructors educate and inform the students via class syllabus requirements
    5. Advertisements: newspapers, radio
    6. Student handbook, schedule, website, catalog
  3. Enforcement
    1. Create Enforcement Policy
      1. Positive Enforcement
        1. Self enforcement
        2. 1st offence- hand out flyer with smoking cessation information and smoking statistics
        3. 2nd offence-discipline committee-talk to the Dean of Students; refer the individual to a cessation program.
      2. Negative Enforcement
        1. Issue tickets

​Revised May 2, 2013 (grammatical changes)

Approved June 13, 2006

Reference Policy: F0400 Tobacco Free Environment