Policies and Procedures

F0205p2 Procedure for Safety Systems




  1. Provide a safe and healthful working environment
  2. Provide personal protective equipment as needed
  3. Comply with relevant federal and state occupational health and safety laws
  4. Develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and programs conducive to a safe and healthy environment.


  1. Comply with all applicable federal, state, local and College regulations, policies and procedures.
  2. Become familiar with and observe approved safe work procedures for their work activities.
  3. Exercise maximum care and good judgment at all times to prevent accidents and injuries.
  4. Use safety equipment provided by the College.
  5. Complete all applicable safety training.
  6. Promptly report safety related hazards to supervisor or the Safety Systems Office.
  7. Promptly report all accidents and complete required report forms.


  1. Ensure that needed safety instructions are provided to all students
  2. Observe and evaluate procedures to detect and correct unsafe conditions and practices.
  3. Set an example for students, by using all safety equipment as defined by the tasks being performed within the learning environment.
  4. Ensure student and visitor safety through the use of safety equipment. 

Department Heads and Supervisors:

  1. Ensure compliance within their department to all applicable federal, state, local and College regulations, policies, and procedures.
  2. Ensure that all appropriate safety practices and rules are followed.
  3. Ensure that employees within their departments have completed all applicable training.
  4. Review and analyze accident investigation reports for accuracy, completeness (conducting follow-up investigations, when needed) and adequacy of the recommended corrective action.
  5. Correct safety problems identified to them in their areas with help from their supervisors and/or the Safety Systems Office, if necessary.

Safety Systems Office:

  1. Develop safety management processes as needed to provide a safe workplace.
  2. Assure compliance with all applicable federal, state, local, and College safety regulations, policies and industry best practices.
  3. Review incident reports.
  4. Conduct safety inspections, audits and investigations.
  5. Provide support and guidance to department heads, supervisors and staff with respect to specific safety issues.

Safety Committee:

The College Safety Committee will assist in identifying safety concerns; act as a forum for the College's staff and students to bring safety concerns to the attention of the administration; recommend any necessary training in health and safety; recommend the correction and elimination of any unsafe and harmful conditions or practices; and audit College facilities and practices to identify areas of improvement and develop recommendations to appropriate sources. The Safety Committee will be comprised of representation from all employee groups of the College as well as at least one student representative.

Senior Leadership Team:

The Senior Leadership Team supports the District Safety Committee and the Safety Systems Office's efforts and, in some cases, may need to help resolve identified safety concerns in the best interest of the College.

Safety Systems Program Elements

  1. Safety and Security Policy
  2. Western Safety Programs
  3. Incident Reporting and Investigation
  4. College Safety Committee
  5. Incident Command Team
  6. Crisis Planning Team
  7. Safety Orientation and Continuous Training
  8. Safety Inspections/Audits
  9. New Safety Program/Process Development
  10. Record Keeping
  11. Communication
  12. Program Effectiveness Measures

Safety Systems Issue/Concern Response Overview Flowchart

The procedures to support the Safety Systems Program are found on the Safety Systems Web page:  http://wire.westerntc.edu/pplant/safety_systems/default.asp

​Revised February 14, 2019
Revised January 17, 2012
Approved June 16, 2009

Reference Policy: F0205 Safety and Security

Reference Procedure: F0205p1 Procedure for Security

Reference Procedure: F0205p3 Emergency Procedures Guide