Policies and Procedures

F0205 Safety and Security

​The College recognizes its obligation to provide a safe and secure working, learning, and campus environment. Formal and comprehensive processes to safeguard property, buildings and people include, but are not limited to:

  1. Risk and crime prevention assessment of buildings, grounds and equipment
  2. Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Procedures guide
  3. Investigation of emergencies, incidents, injuries and illnesses
  4. Incident response and evaluation
  5. Behavior assessment and intervention
  6. Emergency notification systems and processes
  7. Orientation, education and on-going training
  8. Safety programs and processes
  9. Safety inspections and audits

These processes are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, regulatory bodies, policies and procedures.

Reviewed April 19, 2019
Revised July 14, 2014
Revised January 17, 2012
Adopted June 16, 2009