Policies and Procedures

F0204p Procedures for Timely Warning of Potential Threat

​The warning of a potential threat will be issued through any one or combination of the College electronic communications systems, bulletin boards, text message blasts, public address announcements, message boards, classroom/office space announcements or College website (www.westerntc.edu) depending upon the circumstances. 

Anyone with information warranting a timely warning should report the circumstances to the Security/Student Development Manager, by phone (608-785-9880) or in person at Kumm building room 100 in La Crosse, or a member of the Incident Command Team. Some members of the Incident Command Team include:

  • Security/Student Development Manager (608-785-9880)
  • Safety Systems Coordinator (608-789-4700)
  • Vice President of Finance and Operations (608-785-9120)
  • Vice President of Student Services and College Relations (608-785-9155)
  • Physical Plant Director (608-789-6280)

​Revised June 16, 2009
Approved July 14, 2008