Policies and Procedures

F0201p Surveillance System Camera Procedures

The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines relative to the use of the surveillance camera system at the College.  This procedure does not apply to cameras being used for academic purposes. 

The College will utilize surveillance cameras for the purpose of capturing and storing images that can be reviewed for inquiries and proceedings related to law enforcement, deterrence, and student discipline.  The College shall not use video monitoring for any other purpose unless authorized by the President or designee.

The use of surveillance cameras shall be limited to campus security purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Property and building protection
  • Enhancing public safety
  • Crime prevention and deterrence
  • Alarm verification
  • Criminal and/or conduct investigation
  • Identifying suspects
  • Gathering evidence
  • Monitoring of access control systems

The use of camera systems shall not be used for:

  • Profiling
  • Random targeting of individuals
  • Surveillance into buildings, private offices or other areas where there is an expectation of privacy, except for legitimate safety and security purposes, such as criminal investigations


The Security Manager and Security Coordinator are authorized to manage, control, and audit the use and security of surveillance camera systems, tapes, stored images and all other video records.  Only individuals authorized by the Security Manager shall have access to the camera systems, and such access shall be for monitoring purposes only.  Access to camera systems monitoring is not to be used for public display.  Access to the digital recording equipment is limited to the Security Manager and Security Coordinator or others as designated by the Security Manager. 

Protection, Retention and Disclosure of Information and/or Recordings

Videos are captured on a digital video recorder server and are retained until such time that the recorder becomes full at which point the oldest video segments are overwritten by the newest segments.  No attempt by any person shall be made to alter any part of a video recording.  Under no circumstances will anyone other than the Security Manager or designee be permitted to copy, remove or release digital recordings or images from any surveillance camera system. 

Concerned citizens, victims, news media and other non-security employees will not be allowed access to digital recordings unless authorized by the Security Manager or the President, or designee, or unless required by law.  Law enforcement officers or College personnel investigating crimes or other incidents are encouraged to seek the assistance of the Security Manager in reviewing digital recordings for suspects or other valuable information.  If necessary, the Security Manager or designee will "burn" a digital recording in an appropriate format (ex. DVD, digital clip, etc.) for evidence purposes, and disseminate to proper authorities as requested.  Any digital recordings removed from the digital video recorder server will be stored in a secure location within the office the Security Manager  or the Security Coordinator.

Video records containing information about a student that are maintained by the College and are used for purposes of student discipline shall be maintained and protected in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), to the extent that FERPA applies.

Equipment Maintenance

Under no circumstances shall anyone, except professional factory trained technicians or qualified personnel in Physical Plant Department or Computer Services, attempt to service, repair or tamper with any of the video surveillance equipment.

Any surveillance equipment failure should be reported to the Security Manager or Security Coordinator as soon as possible. Authorized computer services technicians, the Security Manager, the Security Coordinator, or factory representatives shall be responsible for repairs and shutting down the affected equipment during the failure.

Revised September 17, 2020​
Adopted January 17, 2012