Policies and Procedures

F0200p1 Key and ID/Access Card Control Procedure

1. Purpose
    A. To provide guidelines and processes for the protection of the lives and property of the Campus community while attempting to balance the sometimes opposing concepts of security and convenience; and
    B.  To define responsibility and accountability for issuance and collection and return of keys and ID/access cards; and
    C. To encourage responsible care of keys and ID/access cards.

2. Scope
This procedure applies to all College operating units and to all employees, contractors, students and visitors of Western Technical College.

3. Definitions
Key: Any mechanical device used to operate a mechanical lock.

ID/access card: The official card issued by Western Technical College to identify an individual as being staff, student or contractor and may or may not have an access level assigned to it.

Access Level: Determines the areas an issued key will operate. If assigned to an ID/access card determines when and which electronically controlled doors equipped with a card reader the card is authorized to enter.

4. Responsibilities

    A. Access Control Officer
        1. Under the  direction of the Director of Facilities, maintains the access control database and access request form file; and
        2. Issue appropriate keys and ID card access levels; and
        3. Coordinates the keying and access control systems Campus wide.
        4. Annually provide the Department/Division Access Control Representatives an inventory list of all keys and access levels that have been issued.

    B. Deans, Managers and Administrators
        1. All Deans, Managers and Administrators are responsible for the full implementation of this procedure within their respective areas.

    C. Department/Division Access Control Representatives
        1. Under the  authority and direction of the Dean/Manager of the unit, serves as the liaison to the Access Control Officer; and
        2. Approves and assigns employees access to Campus facilities; and
        3. Retrieve keys and access cards from employees upon internal transfer, separation, termination or retirement from the College; and
        4. Return retrieved keys and ID/access cards to the Access Control Officer ; and   
        5. Adhere to the Key/Access Level Issuance Process; and
        6. Certify the accuracy of the annual inventory list of keys that have been issued.
    D. Each Employee
        1. Is responsible and accountable for all keys and ID/access cards issued to him/her; and
        2. Report any loss or theft of keys or ID/access cards immediately to the Department/Division Access Control Representative and the Access Control Officer ; and
        3. Return keys to the Department/Division Access Control Representative at the time of internal transfer; and
        4. Return keys and ID/access cards to Human Resources at the time of separation, termination or retirement from the College.

     E. Human Resources/Payroll
         1. When Human Resources and/or Payroll is notified, they will promptly notify the Access Control Officer of all terminations, retirements and other causes of faculty and staff departure from employment occurring in the ordinary course of business; and
         2. Return all retrieved keys and ID/access cards to the Access Control Officer.

Explanation of how Physical Plant and Security oversee building access.

Building access is a physical system consisting mainly of doors/locks/card readers/keys/access cards/related infrastructure. The main purpose of this system is to provide property security for the campus.

The budget, installation, maintenance and documentation for the physical components of this system are the responsibility of Physical Plant.

The determination of what type of equipment is to be installedmanufacturer/function/appearance/etc.) is the responsibility of Physical Plant

The determination of how the system is to be operated is shared between Physical Plant and Security. There is essentially three levels to how building access operates. The first level building access is securing areas that are exclusive to a department or have little or no need for public access (i.e. mechanical rooms/roof access/personal office/storage room). Second level building access is securing areas which public access often occurs yet are to be secure when not in use (i.e. classroom/lab/emergency exit/department office entry). Third level building access is securing areas which are the primary point of public access (i.e. building entrances).

For Level 1-assignment of access would be coordinated by Physical Plant following the Key and ID/Access card control procedures.
For Level 2-assignment of access would be coordinated by Security.
For Level 3-assignement of access would be coordinated by Security.


5. Key and Electronic Access Control Guidelines and Procedures

    A. All keys and ID/access Cards are property of the College. It is a violation of policy for any employee to attempt to duplicate or to have duplicated any key issued by the College. Only the Safety and Access Control Officer is authorized to duplicate keys.

    B. In the issuance of keys/access levels, individual employees will be issued the following:
        1. The lowest level key in the system hierarchy that is necessary to provide access required by the individuals position and responsibilities; and
        2. The least number of keys necessary to properly conduct his/her job duties.

    C. All keys are issued to the key holder and should ONLY be turned over to the issuing Department/Division or to the Access Control Officer.

    D.  If your office assignment changes and you stay within the same program/unit, your new office will be keyed the same as your last office. You will have no need for new keys.

    E. All keys issued are stamped with a sequence number making each key unique and unique to the individual they are issued to.

    F. The issuance of Grand Master Keys must be approved by the Vice President of Finance and Operations.

    G. The issuance of Residence Hall keys and/or ID/ access levels must be authorized by the Dean of Students.

    H. Access to any of the Regional Learning Centers must be authorized by the respective centers Access Control Representative. [Exception: The Facilities Director can authorize any staff or contractor into any RLC for the purpose of emergency repairs or maintenance.]

6. Lost, Stolen or Replacement Keys/Cards

    A. Keys

        1. Report any loss or theft of keys immediately to the Department/Division Access Control Representative and the Access Control Officer.
        2. A monetary charge is hereby established to cover lost and/or stolen keys. Replacement fees will be assessed at the following rates:
            a. Grand Master Key             $500.00
            b. Division Master Key          $400.00
            c. Office/Lab Key                   $100.00
            d. Classroom Key                  $50.00
        3. If a person or department believes that extenuating circumstances exist and a fee is unjustified an appeal can be presented in writing to the Physical Plant Office to determine whether or not a replacement fee is required.
        4. Damaged, bent or broken keys will be replaced at no cost provided all parts of the key are returned to the Access Control Officer. You will not need to complete an additional key request form.

    B. Cards
        1. Report any loss or theft of cards immediately to the Department/Division Access Control Representative and the Access Control Officer.
        2. A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged to replace cards under the following circumstances:
            a. Lost or stolen card.
            b. Individual wants a new ID even though present card works, is in good condition, and all information is current and picture depicts good likeness of the person (i.e. doesn't like the picture)
            c. Damaged card from improper care or abuse or, defacing the card.
        3. ID cards will be replaced at no cost under the following circumstances:
            a. Card has expired.
            b. Legal name change
            c. Damaged card from normal wear.
            d. Card is proven to be longer functioning.

7. Key/Access Level Issuance Process

    A. A Department/Division Access Control Representative will complete a Key/Access Request Form and forward the form to the Access Control Officer.

    B. The Access Control Officer will prepare the appropriate key[s] and assign the appropriate access level and the information will be entered into the Access Control Database. Each key record will remain in the database until the key is returned to the Access Control Officer.

    C. Keys will be delivered to the Department/Division Access Control Representative.

‚ÄčOrigination date: April 5, 2018

‚ÄčReference Policy: F0200 Buildings and Grounds Security