Policies and Procedures

F0108p Annual Compilation of Projects that Qualify as Campus/Neighborhood Reinvestment

​The Campus/Neighborhood Reinvestment (C/NR) will:

  • identify capital improvement projects that will benefit both the College and surrounding community;
  • list potential projects that will be submitted to the District Board at the time the overall College capital budget is presented in a preliminary state in December;
  • present the list of potential projects to the city or other local government, once preliminary approval is obtained; and,
  • submit Campus/Neighborhood Reinvestment projects to the District Board and Wisconsin Technical College System Board (when applicable) for final approval.

It is not implied that Campus/Neighborhood Reinvestment projects will be approved each year, or for each facility. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the city or local government will submit potential C/NR projects to the College for consideration. 

Approved June 21, 2011