Policies and Procedures

F0106 Naming College Facilities for the Purpose of Recognition

The Western Technical College District Board retains the sole authority to determine that the name of an individual, business or organization will be attached to all or part of a College facility. Such naming may be considered by the Board to recognize a major financial gift to support construction or renovation of a campus building, scholarships, or to support College programming which may take place in the facility.

Specific prior Board approval of any facility naming is required. Facility naming decisions will be permanent for the period the facility exists, except in special circumstances. Revoking a facility name requires prior approval by the District Board. This includes the names already in place on some College facilities, which were not established to recognize a financial gift.

Procedures for Naming a College Facility to Recognize a Major Gift will be developed and administered by the College administration, in keeping with this policy. All recommendations sent to the Board for facility naming are developed within the framework of those procedures. Exceptions to this policy may be considered by the District Board.

​Revised March 17, 2009
Adopted February 17, 1998