Policies and Procedures

F0101 Facility Development

Providing proper facilities is a major responsibility of the Board. In the design of the facilities, adequacy of space and flexibility of use all combine to affect the instructional programs of the College.

Facilities development is a multi-step process guided by a ten-year Master Plan which involves instructional and all other units of the College. Responsibility for the coordination and/or supervision in the various steps in the facilities development process shall be determined by the President.

The procedures set forth is Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter TCS 5 shall be followed for land acquisition, additional or new facilities, rentals and remodeling of existing facilities.

​Reviewed May 21, 2019
Revised February 17, 2009
Revised July 10, 1989
Adopted November 28, 1979
Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter TCS 5
Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter TCS 7 (7.06)
Wisconsin Statute 38.04(10)

​Reference Procedure: F0101p Facility Development Procedures