Policies and Procedures

E0710 Animals on Campus Policy

The College prohibits the presence of any animal in college controlled and managed facilities, except under the following exemptions:

  1. Service animals specially trained for and under the control of an individual with a disability
  2. Emotional support animals as permitted only in the residence hall with an approved housing accommodation request, in accordance to the Fair Housing Act
  3. Registered therapy animals brought on campus by approved handlers for college approved events or programming
  4. On-duty police K-9 or rescue dogs
  5. Teaching animals as specified in program curriculum and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee

Any permitted animal must remain under the control of the handler at all times and is solely the handler's responsibility.  Western reserves the right to exclude an exempted animal whose behavior poses a disruption to the learning environment and/or a threat to the health or safety of others.

Adopted:  April 18, 2017

​Reference Procedure: E0710p Animals on Campus Policy