Policies and Procedures

E0706 Student Rights and Responsibilities

In concert with the mission statement for Western Technical College, students who attend classes or enroll in programs at the College hold certain rights which are inherent to quality educational experiences.  A student is defined as any person who attends and/or is enrolled in any classes or program at the College.  These rights include:

  1. The right to an education in an environment of academic integrity and intellectual freedom;
  2. The right to expect that the College will uphold all applicable federal and state statutes and directives;
  3. The right to expect that the College will uphold all Western Technical College policies, including those particularly applicable to students;
  4. The right to review College policies, particularly those applicable to student life and services, in accord with Wisconsin Statutes 38.145;
  5. The right to voice concerns about the College in an orderly fashion;
  6. The right to expect that the College will take measures to provide a safe secure campus environment in which to carry out educational pursuits; and
  7. The right to a hearing, in accord with College procedures, should any serious conduct matters arise.

Western Technical College confers these rights with the expectation that students will understand and exercise their rights, fulfill their responsibilities and respect the rights of others.

​Revised August 21, 2007
Adopted September 18, 1997