Policies and Procedures

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  1. Notification
    1. The College will ensure that notification of the above-mentioned policy is provided annually in the College catalog, in the student handbook, the student newspaper and by other appropriate means.
    2. Western Technical College encourages resolution of any such conflict to be informally arranged by the student and his/ her instructor.
    3. A student must notify his/her instructor, in writing, as soon as the conflict is anticipated and at least five (5) school days prior to the date(s) in which the conflict is anticipated.

Upon receipt of the student's notification, the instructor will evaluate the request and provide a timely means or alternate assignment for the student to make up the examination or other academic requirement. The instructor will inform the student of the accommodations (if any) to be made. An instructor is not obligated to schedule make-up assignments before the regularly scheduled date.

  1. Complaint/Appeal
    1. If the above notification and response procedure does not satisfy the student, he/she may file a written complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer who will, after consulting with the instructor(s) involved, respond within ten (10) days. If the issue is not resolved, the President/District Director shall issue a written decision within fifteen (15) days.
    2. Further appeal by the student may be made to the District Board within thirty (30) days of issuance of the President/District Director decision. The District Board shall issue a written decision within forty-five (45) days of filing the appeal.
    3. The District Board decision shall be subject to review pursuant to Chapter 227 Wisconsin Statutes and TCS 4 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Adopted April 18, 1997