Policies and Procedures

E0704p Accommodation of Students' Religious Beliefs

  1. Western Technical College encourages resolution of any such conflict to be informally arranged by the student and their instructor.
    1. Students who are requiring an accommodation for religious beliefs will submit a written request to their instructor at least five (5) school days prior to the date(s) in which the conflict is anticipated.
    2. The request will be kept confidential.
    3. In a timely manner, the instructor inform and will provide a means by which a student can fulfill the academic requirement in without and prejudicial effect.
  2. Formal Complaint
    1. If the above notification and response procedure does not satisfy the student, the student may file a complaint via the Western Technical College Feedback Form.  The Dean of Students will consult with the instructor(s) involved, respond within three (3) school days.
    2. If the issue is not resolved, Western will follow the complaint procedure outlined in TCS 14 of Adminstrative Code .
    3. The District Board decision shall be subject to review pursuant to Chapter 227 Wisconsin Statutes and TCS 4 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
  3. Notification
    1. The College will ensure that notification of this policy is provided annually, in the student handbook, and by other appropriate means.

​Revised March 14, 2019
Adopted April 18, 1997