Policies and Procedures

E0202 Enrollment of Students Under Age 18

​Although Western Technical College designs its programs and courses primarily for students over age 18, the College recognizes the benefit of enrolling under age 18 students when certain conditions are satisfied and when statutory allowances are met.

  1. Wisconsin Statute s.118.15(1)(b) - Compulsory Education Students. Students who enroll at Western to take courses leading to high school graduation must be at least 16 years of age. A contract between Western and the K-12 district will be developed for each student. The contract will contain attendance and course information, K-12 approval and parent/guardian permission.
  2. Wisconsin Statute s.38.22(1) Standard Enrollment. Students who enroll in courses at Western under this statutory allowance must be at least 16 years of age.
  3. Wisconsin Statute s.38.22(1s). Students who enroll in courses at Western under this statutory allowance may be any age.
    1. For those under age 16 who wish to enroll in courses established by the College must do so outside normal school hours. Written permission of the parent or guardian must be provided. The College shall carefully review each applicant under age 16 and agree to admit only those students who can benefit from attending the class and for whom no hazardous conditions are present. The safety of the student, the appropriateness of the curriculum, the potential disruption of the classroom and the maturity of the student shall guide the decision to admit a student under age 16. All students under age 16 shall be approved by the Western District Board.  The College President or designee may authorize approval subsequent to final District board approval in cases where notification is too short for timely District Board action.
    2. Occasionally Western will develop a course or program specifically targeted for students under age 16 when the purpose of the course or program fits the mission of the College. In such cases, the Western District Board shall be notified in advance and give approval to all such efforts.
  4. Wisconsin Statute s.38.14(3). Students may enroll in courses at Western under this statutory allowance. A contract between the College and the K-12 district shall specify the terms of the instruction to be offered.
  5. Wisconsin Statute s.118.55 Youth Options.  Students may enroll in Youth Options courses provided they are in grade 11 or beyond, are not taking compulsory education courses or enrolled in a youth options course at another higher education institution.

Revised May 19, 2009
Reviewed April 16, 1996
Adopted December 17, 1991