Policies and Procedures

E0102p(2) Telecommuting Procedure

​The telecommuting employee is responsible for protecting all records and data from unauthorized release or damage. Paper records should be transported to the alternate workplace as a last resort and only in the case of being essential to the continuity of operations. Alternative methods such as secured electronic files should be used whenever possible.

The employee is responsible for maintaining confidentiality and security at the alternate workplace and is responsible for securing records and data during transport and when not in use. This includes but is not limited to the integrity of all data and information, paper files, and access to College computer systems.

Release of any records should be done in accordance to Western’s E0102 Protection of Student Information policy and the procedure. Any suspected breach of student information or release without consent must be reported immediately in accordance with the E0102p Protection of Student Information Procedure.

​Adopted 2-24-2020