Policies and Procedures

E100p Food Insecurity Procedure

​Western cares about the basic needs of our students and understands that these are foundational in order to succeed in college. Food is one basic need and many of our college students struggle to adequately provide. Therefore, the purpose of these procedures is to ensure that all students have access to food while at Western.


Baskets of snacks will be placed in various buildings and departments around Western's La Crosse campus. Snacks are provided to students with no questions asked. Funding for the snacks will come from Student Government, vending funds, and monetary donations (Western Foundation fund). The Department of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement will be the custodian of funding, responsible for purchasing the snacks monthly and distributing them to various basket locations, with departments assisting.


A campus food pantry will exist in the Learning Commons/Student Success Center on Western's La Crosse campus. The pantry will exist for the immediate food needs of our students. It will be affiliated with the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse. This will ensure ongoing access to perishable and non-perishable food.

Students may gain access to the Cavalier Cupboard by completing the online form at www.westerntc.edu/food-pantry. The student's ID card will be activated for the Cupboard door to allow access at the student's convenience.  Staff at the front desk of the Learning Commons are also available to assist students in navigating the Cupboard if needed. Employees will not limit the amount of food students take per visit. Students who have greater need than what the Cavalier Cupboard will provide will be referred to community social services.

In-kind donations may be made in on-campus bins and monetary donations to the Western Foundation. The Department of Equity, Inclusion & Community Engagement will be the custodian of funding and is responsible for keeping food supplied in the space.

As long as resources exist to maintain food and supply inventories, other Western locations may also host mini Cavalier Cupboards in partnership with the Cavalier Cupboard. The mini Cavalier Cupboard will be branded in alignment with the Cavalier Cupboard. This will provide clarity and consistency in providing the service.

​Adopted January 30, 2020

​Reference Policy: E0100 Student Services