Policies and Procedures

D0604 Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Vehicles (UAS/UAV)

Western recognizes that the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Vehicles (UAS/UAV), small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Remote Operated Aircraft (ROA), also referred to as "drones", are popular for both recreational and educational usage.  In the interest of maintaining an appropriate learning environment, the College limits UAS usage to educational and/or college-related activities on any college controlled or managed property.  All safety and privacy procedures apply to all College property and all members of Western's community, including but not limited to employees, students, clubs, organizations, vendors and any other individuals who are operating a UAS as part of their employment or as part of any college-related research or activity.  Any person operating a UAS is personally responsible for complying with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, federal and state laws, local ordinances, and college policies and procedures.   

Allowable Use:
  1. Instructional Use - A student flying for purposes of non-aviation course learning at the college who is supervised by a college employee who possesses a current Remote Pilot Airman Certificate or other allowable airman certificate.
  2. Institutional Use – Any non-instructional use by the college is not allowed, except under extraordinary circumstances, and then only with prior authorization by the college President or designee.
  3. Contractor Use – Contractor use in the furtherance of college-related work will only be permitted if the contractor provides to the college risk management authority the following: 1) proof of insurance coverage for UAS operations with a minimum of $1,000,000 of liability coverage; 2) proof of proper Airman Certificate for UAS operations; and 3) signed acknowledgement that the contractor has read and understands the college UAS Procedure.
  4. Other Use – No other use of UAS at or by the college is allowed except as authorized by the college President or designee.

Local drone operations policies - https://www.lseairport.com/content/uav-uas-drone-operations

​Adopted November 21, 2017