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D0602p Procedures for Textbook Selection

Adoptions for textbooks and supplemental materials* must be done in a timely manner, so a complete, accurate Department Book Order can be turned in to the Bookstore on time. Textbook orders for Summer term are due to the Division Assistant by January 30th and due at the Bookstore by Feb 22nd. Textbook orders for fall term are due to the Division Assistant by February 10th and due at the Bookstore by March 1. Spring orders are due to the Division Assistant September 20th and due at the Bookstore October 1st. See the textbook ordering Flowchart Library (go to "Instruction" and then to "Textbook Ordering").

If textbook orders are not turned in on time, the previously used text will again be assigned to the course.

If an adopted text is not an integral part of class instruction, it should be listed as "Optional" in the Department Book Order. Optional books must be stated on the Textbook List. The Campus Shop will carry a limited number of optional books or will recommend where the book may be purchased.

Losses incurred by the Bookstore due to changes made within two weeks of class start will be charged to the Department making the change.

*Supplemental materials (educational materials that "may include printed materials, computer disks, website access" Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Section 133b9) and must be ready for printing four weeks before classes begin.

Considerations in textbook selection:

  1. Cost to students (If bundled materials are selected, are the separate pieces reasonably priced?) Note that the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires that Publishers and their Sales Representatives supply "the price at which the publisher would make the college textbook or supplemental material available to the bookstore… and the price at which the publisher makes the college textbook or supplemental materials available to the public." HEOA Section 133.c1A
  2. Copyright dates and new edition frequency, and a "description of substantial content revisions made between the current edition… and the previous edition".(HEOA  Section 133.c 1B,C requires this information to be available from the Publisher for at least three editions back.) Refer to the Publisher's website or contact the sales representative for this information.
  3. Availability
    1. Will the edition chosen be in print when classes start?
    2. If bundled, are all pieces available separately? (HEOA requirement)
    3. If passcodes for website access are a part of the course materials, are provisions available for extended use in cases of two or three semester courses?
    4. Custom textbooks are acceptable but carry additional costs and time availability restrictions.  These editions carry no buyback outside Western, have no outside availability, and take four to six weeks to ship.  Will the custom text be available to all of your students?
    5. Is the text available in alternate formats such as paperback, loose leaf, electronic, and at what cost for each? 

HEOA regulations

Revised June 19, 2018
Approved February 22, 2011

​Reference Policy: D0602 Textbooks