Policies and Procedures

D0401 Associate in Applied Science Degree

In keeping with its mission, Western Technical College offers the Associate in Applied Science Degree. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of careers including health, business, human and consumer services, and applied technologies. Each AASD program curriculum requires between 64 and 70 credits (unless otherwise specified by statewide curriculum) with a minimum of 21 credits in General Studies.

Western subscribes to the American Association of Community College's expectation that the AASD be designed with a dual purpose. The primary intent of the Associate in Applied Science Degree is preparation for employment. However, it must also facilitate the transfer of general studies and technical studies credits into baccalaureate institutions so students may continue their academic study. Students who are interested in transferring credits from the Associate in Applied Science Degree to a baccalaureate institution should consult the receiving institution to learn which courses will transfer.

‚ÄčAdopted June 21, 2005
First Reading May 17, 2005
Policy & Instruction Committee April 19, 2005