Policies and Procedures

D0300 Advisory Committees

Advisory committee input is an important component in Continuous Quality Improvement.  Each instructional program offered by the College will have an advisory committee consisting of equal representation of employers and employees of a particular occupation, or type of service, together with representatives as consultants from such public and private agencies as may be deemed advisable.

The purpose of advisory committees is to make recommendations and suggestions to improve programs and services. The authority for setting up requirements in respect to College affairs rest legally with the Western District Board acting in conformity with federal and state regulations.

Other areas of the College may have an advisory committee to provide feedback on their services. Ad hoc committees may be used from time to time to assist in the development of specific programs or instructional material.

Revised January 20, 2009
Revised May 91, 1998
Revised June 20, 1989
Adopted January 23, 1980
Wisconsin Statute 38.14(5)