Policies and Procedures

D0113p Procedures for Courses for Auditors Aged 60 and Older

The procedure for auditing a course includes:

  • Students request to audit a course at the Enrollment Services in the Welcome Center or Regional Learning Center location.  Audit registrations will be held until 3 business days before the start of class.  At that time, if space is available, the audit registrations will be processed. 
  • Course prerequisites must be followed to allow registration for any course.
  • If a student is not allowed to audit a class due to instructor denial, the student may appeal and seek permission to audit a course from the Dean or Administrator overseeing the course.
  • Apprenticeship courses (Aid Code 50) are currently designated as inappropriate for audit.
  • After registration, the registrar or designee will change the credit type to AUD and immediately assign a grade of AUD.
  • Instructors are responsible for checking their grade rosters and noting any audit students.
  • The registrar or designee will notify the cashier's office to insure that students over 60 are not billed the program fees.
  • Students 60 years of age or older are still required to pay material fees and all other applicable fees. This includes all books and materials.
  • Students under 60 are required to pay program fees and all applicable fees as well as all books and materials.
  • Audit students may not displace a credit student from any course.

Revised February 28, 2017
Adopted October 18, 2016