Policies and Procedures

D0112p Procedure for Issuing Posthumous Honorary Degree

  1. When a Western student death becomes known, an issue paper is prepared by the President's office staff for the District Board, to approve the awarding of an Honorary Associate Degree or Technical Diploma for the student.  The Board votes their approval.  The Honorary Degree/Diploma does not infer any academic rights or privileges; it is intended to honor the student's pursuit of the credential.
  2. A certificate is prepared by Marketing staff and signed by the President.
  3. In May, at the end of the academic year, the deceased student's family receives a letter from the President acknowledging the Honorary Degree/Diploma and inviting the family to a private meeting with the President to receive it.  If the family does not wish to meet with the President, the certificate is mailed to them as a memento.
  4. All Honorary Degrees/Diplomas are listed in the graduation ceremony program.

Revised May 18, 2004
Adopted March 11, 2003

​Reference Policy: D0112 Honorary Degree