Policies and Procedures

D0108p International Education Procedure

It is Western Technical College's intent to conduct its international activities within these established guidelines:


  1. International Education activities will focus on networking and partnering with local colleges, schools, and community agencies or associations to enhance global awareness and cooperation.
  2. An International Education Advisory Committee will meet semi-annually to review District programs to ensure that the needs of employers and students are met for training relevant to the global economy. The Committee will include persons representing local companies or agencies with international knowledge or experience. The Committee will be responsible for:
    1. making recommendations regarding the College's International Education activities,
    2. assessing the extent to which program curricula integrate the duties and tasks identified in the "World of International/Multicultural Work Skills" DACUM, and
    3. identifying appropriate activities for faculty and staff to acquire expertise to teach international subjects.
  3. International education activities will be coordinated by a designated college administrator to insure that opportunities are made available to all college staff and students, and that resources are not diverted from the District's primary programs.
  4. Western Technical College will maintain representation on the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Standing Committee on International education and support statewide initiatives to enhance International and Intercultural Education.
  5. Any contract or formal agreement (s.38.l4 contract) contemplated between Western Technical College and an outside agency related to International Education efforts will be submitted to the Western Technical College Board for approval prior to the formal execution thereof.
  6. Each s.38.l4 contract shall ensure compliance with state statutes and State Board policies and rules.

International Exchange:  Staff - Student Exchange

  1. Students, prospective students and staff will be provided an equal opportunity to apply for participation in student or staff exchange opportunities through formal announcements of such opportunities or openings.
  2. Training of international students at Western Technical College will be accomplished in a manner that will ensure that no resident students will experience displacement from their normal academic routine.
  3. The training of international students at Western Technical College is not intended to foster foreign business or industry that is in direct competition with United States business and industry.


  1. International students shall meet all admissions requirements as set forth in Admission Policy EO200, which includes obtaining minimum competency scores on an English proficiency exam, having appropriate immigration documentation, and providing documentation of sufficient financial backing to complete their plan for education at Western Technical College. International students requiring English proficiency skills may enroll in English as a Second Language classes.
  2. In accordance with statutory requirements, priority in admissions will be given to Wisconsin residents and the number of international students enrolled will not cause the College to exceed the agreed upon maximum enrollment in each course. In no case will the enrollment of international students exceed 2% of the total students enrolled at the College.
  3. Enrollment of international students will be on a space available basis unless enrolled under a s.38.l4 contract, which will provide for dedicated courses at full cost recovery.

Technical Assistance

  1. Western Technical College activities involving direct international service contracts or technical assistance will be conducted at no cost to district taxpayers.
  2. All international service contracts or technical assistance shall be subject to District Board approval.


  1. International travel will be permitted when there is a direct benefit to the staff and students, and therefore, ultimately, the economy of Western Technical College's District.
  2. All international travel, excluding that undertaken as agreed to and funded under a contract as provided under s.38.l4 of the Wisconsin Statutes, shall be subject to District Board approval. Requests for approval shall contain a recommendation by the appropriate supervisor. The recommendation will include an indication that the travel is consistent with the duties of the position and will benefit the individual and the college, that the travel will have no direct cost to the college, and that a plan for sharing the experience with the college community will be established.
  3. All staff, students and other guests or volunteers who travel outside of the United States and Puerto Rico are required to complete a Foreign Travel form (02-IT-001) prior to departure in order to comply with the provisions of the College's insurance policy.  The Foreign Travel form is available from the International Education Coordinator or the Human Resources Director.  Provision of the College's Insurance Policy are contained on the form.
  4. The District board may approve up to three weeks of salary/benefits continuation for a staff member during each two-year period to participate in approved activities requiring international travel.

Reviewed June 19, 2018
Revised August 30, 2001
Revised June 16, 1998
Revised November 17, 1992
Revised July 21, 1992
Adopted October 15, 1991