Policies and Procedures

D0108 International Education

Western Technical College recognizes that the College, and the District it serves, exists in a global marketplace and, as such, Western Technical College District's economy will become more and more dependent on international trade. To this end, Western Technical College has an obligation to broaden the geographical and cultural perspectives of its students, staff and, in a larger sense, its community. It is our intent to encourage the incorporation of an international, multicultural dimension into our current programs and services, provide appropriate technical assistance and, to the extent possible, provide opportunities for student/staff exchanges, all based on the merits and needs of the proposed activities. The primary focus of these efforts is to provide students and staff with the opportunity to increase their awareness and personal understanding of the attitudes, customs, and business practices of other cultures.

This policy conforms to WTCS Administrative Bulletin 92-12 which outlines International Education guidelines for the colleges in the system.

Reviewed June 19, 2018
Revised June 16, 1998
Revised November 17, 1992
Revised July 21, 1992
Adopted October 15, 1991