Policies and Procedures

D0102p Faculty Credentials/Faculty Quality Assurance (FQAS)

To ensure the highest quality faculty, the College's standard for all credit classes is that full-time and adjunct (part-time) faculty must hold a degree one degree higher than the discipline in which they are teaching.  Faculty teaching in General Studies must hold a minimum of a master's degree in the discipline, or a master's degree in a related discipline with at least 18 graduate credits in the discipline.

Exceptions may be granted where warranted. All exceptions must adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity requirements:

  • Any exceptions to Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) requirements must be approved by the Certification Officer and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • Exceptions to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and Division requirements must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Exceptions to program accreditation requirements will be approved by the Division Dean.

‚ÄčAdopted November 21, 2017