Policies and Procedures

D0101 District Relations with the Private Sector: General Policy on Goods and Services

  1. Goods and Services delivered by the District shall be considered permissible if they are:
    1. Deemed important to the fulfillment of the District's educational, training or economic development functions.
    2. Needed to provide goods or services necessary for District operations at a reasonable price, on reasonable terms, and at a convenient location and time.
    3. Carried out with sensitivity to the larger community for the primary benefit of the District community.
  2. All District activities paralleling or competing with the private sector shall comply with the following guidelines:
    1. The activity is to be an essential part of the District's instructional, research or public service mission. Exceptions may be granted under four circumstances:
      1. Compelling reasons of economic efficiency exist. Economic efficiency means that District resources can be made available to the larger community at relatively little additional cost to the District;
      2. The product or service is unavailable elsewhere in the community. Unavailability may be defined in terms of the lack of quality or quantity of the product or service;
      3. The product or service is a major convenience to the District community including students, staff and other members of the public participating in District activities. Convenience is typically defined in geographic terms; i.e., private sources are too far away to be, practically, the supplier, although other factors may also be involved; or
      4. The District's offering of the product or service is of major importance to the maintenance of the quality of the District's operations and facilities.
    2. District shall recover full costs or be set higher so as to be comparable to private sector prices unless a reduced price is demonstrated to be necessary to fulfill a function integral to the mission of the District.
  3. The District shall appoint a Private Sector Relations Review Committee to review specific areas of potential competition with the private sector. The membership of the Committee shall include representatives of the District, the private sector and the general public. Any proposed provision of goods and services presented to the Committee shall include full documentation of costs and pricing considerations. The Committee shall review the proposal for compliance with District guidelines. The review shall include a determination that any pricing structure complies with District Board criteria. The Committee shall report its findings to the District Board before the Board acts upon the proposed offering of goods and services.
  4. Adopts the provisions of Policy Directive KOA relating to this subject.

‚ÄčReviewed June 19, 2018
Revised December 16, 1997
Reviewed August 17, 1993
Adopted December 18, 1990