Policies and Procedures

C1000p Access to Personnel and Certification Files

Upon advanced request, an employee may schedule a time to review the contents of his/her personnel file excluding such things as letters of reference or recommendations or confidential memorandums. Such review will be made in the Human Resources Office. Information other than employment dates will not be released without the authorization of the employee, except as may be required by law.

A file on certification matters is maintained for certified employees in the Certification Officer's Office. Such file may be reviewed in the same manner as stated above.

Medical Records Inspection

You (or your designated representative) also have the right to inspect any personal medical records, which [that] Western has on file. If we believe the release of your medical records would be detrimental to you, we can choose, instead [,] to release them to your doctor or to another doctor designated by you. The doctor may, at his or her discretion, then choose whether to release the records to you or to your family.

Exceptions to Records Inspection Requests

Your rights to inspect your records do not apply to:

  • Records related to the investigation of possible criminal offenses committed by you.
  • Letters of reference written about you.
  • Any portion of a test document, although you may request and be given cumulative scores for sections of a test or the total score for the test.
  • Materials used by Western for staff management planning, including judgments and/or recommendations concerning future salary increases and other wage treatments, promotions and job assignments or other comments or ratings used for planning purposes.
  • Information of a personal nature about another individual which, if disclosed, would result in an unwarranted invasion of that individual's privacy.
  • Any records relevant to any other pending claim between you and Western, which may be discovered in a judicial proceeding.

You may also receive a copy of the documents in your records. You will be expected to pay the standard rate for copies as outlined in the Colleges current fees and rates schedule. Before any of your personal information can be released to a third party, you must complete the Information Release form.

Revised January 7, 2015
April 18, 1997