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C0700p Leave of Absence Procedure

​A request for any type of leave of absence, except an emergency medical leave, requires the advance approval of the employee's immediate supervisor, the Human Resources Director and the College.

Medical Leave

For a medical leave of absence, depending on the length of absence, periodic physician's statements may be required in order to continue the leave of absence. Absence due to unusual and compelling circumstances without the approval of the Human Resources Director, may be granted for a continuous period not exceeding six months. 


An employee is expected to work through the period of her pregnancy as authorized by her physician.

When the employee's physician decides that the employee should no longer perform her regular duties for safety and/or health reasons, and the employee intends to return to work after childbirth, a leave of absence will be granted after the College receives the physician's written decision.

The period of leave of absence will begin following the employee's last day worked and will extend to the date her physician determines she is physically capable of returning to work. Any extension must be approved in writing.

Military - Regular

The College follows State and Federal law regarding military leaves.  In general, a copy of the employee's military orders must accompany the request for leave of absence. The accumulative period of a military leave shall not exceed five years. Following military service of more than six months, the employee must return to work within ninety (90) days of separation from service. An employee returning from military leave shall be reinstated at his/her former rate of pay, plus or minus any adjustments of a general nature occurring during his/her absence.

MILITARY - Summer or Short Training Periods

(Usually three weeks or less.) A copy of the employee's military orders must accompany the request for leave of absence. Employees should be encouraged to use vacation entitlement for all or part of this time. Employees are to return to work on the first workday after completion of training camp. The employee will return to the job he/she held when going on leave. Employees, while on such leave, unless charged to accumulated vacation, shall not receive salary or other compensation.


Any request for leave of absence not covered above must be made in writing to the Human Resources Director at least thirty (30) days in advance of the beginning of the requested leave.

Revised September 17, 2020
April 18, 1997

​Reference Policy: C0700 Leave of Absence