Policies and Procedures

C0408P Special Conditions Warranting Stipends

​When staff is asked to assume and maintain for longer than three months, the duties for another vacant position in addition to maintaining all major duties of their current position, that individual's pay will be adjusted following a guideline of up to 10% starting on the first day of the fourth month.

No pay adjustment will be made when staff fills in for a vacant position for a duration believed to be less than three months. The individual is expected to maintain the routine aspects of the vacant position only, delaying critical decisions until the return of the incumbent or referring them to the administrator to whom the position reports.

Where the absent staff is replaced by a number of individuals, each of whom assumes parts of the vacant position on a temporary basis, regardless of the nature of the absence, there will be no temporary salary adjustment.

Any salary adjustment for individuals who temporarily replace other employees during their absences must be approved in advance by the President of the College.

Special Compensation Situations:

Special situations sometimes occur which require some form of stipend for individuals who, because of their position or the needs of the District, are required to work additional effort and workload for a period of time.

In some situations the college can provide backfill or otherwise help to accommodate the workload. In others, due to the complexity of the position, the length of the overload, or the amount of training it would take to bring someone up to speed, it is not practical to backfill. In these situations there may be up to a 10% salary adjustment for the time of the effort or added responsibilities until they end.

This provision is not intended for situations where the on-going position is permanently assigned additional responsibilities.

Revised February 28, 2017
Revised July 10, 2000
Adopted April 20, 1999