Policies and Procedures

C0407 Reimbursement for Interview and Relocation Expenses

​To assure the College has the opportunity to recruit from a pool of the best qualified candidates for key administrative positions, recruiting expenses may include reimbursement for expenses incurred by the candidate in attending the scheduled interviews and in relocating. These reimbursements will be limited to recruitment for positions at or above DBM D62. Reimbursement for such expenses for other vacancies may be pre-authorized prior to the beginning of the recruiting effort by the recommendation of the employing department and the approval of the president. Such special cases will be limited to positions which, because of the unique combination of talents, experience, skills and abilities being sought, will be located only through a nationwide search.

Where such expenses are reimbursed, they will be charged back to the hiring department as a part of that department's budget. Such reimbursements will be limited by the following guidelines:

For interviews, the actual costs for meals, lodging and travel expenses incurred by the candidate for travel to and from the interview. Mileage will be reimbursed at the District's standard mileage rate. All other expenses must be verified by dated receipts.

For relocation, the actual costs incurred in the packing, loading and shipping of normal household goods. The total for such reimbursement shall not exceed one-half of one month's salary for the employee.

​Revised April 19, 2016
Reviewed March 11, 1993
Adopted December 15, 1992