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​Deductions from pay are legally required for Medicare, social security, and federal and state income tax, and, in most cases, the employee share of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) contributions.  As outlined in the employee handbook, administration may authorize additional payroll deductions that are available to employees.

Available Payroll Deductions

Currently, the following payroll deductions are available to employees:

  1. Great Rivers United Way
  2. An approved private tax deferred annuity
  3. Group insurance programs (including any flexible spending accounts)
  4. Western Foundation, Inc.
  5. Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE)
  6. Parking Permits
  7. Wellness Center Memberships
  8. Cell Phones
  9. Campus Shop Clothing

In addition, a new payroll deduction may be established if approved by the VP of Finance and Operations.

Revised January 7, 2015
December 20, 2011
Reviewed March 11, 1993 (grammatical changes)
Revised April 18, 1989
Adopted September 23, 1980