Policies and Procedures

C0300p Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance Procedure

To ensure compliance with compliance with College Policy C0300 Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance, the procedures are as follows:

Non-exempt Employees:

  1. The employee's normal workweek will be 37½ - 40 hours per week. This work will be scheduled and recorded based on the needs of the College by mutual agreement between the employee and his/her supervisor
  2. Overtime compensation for non-exempt (either monetary or compensatory time) for work performed beyond 37½ but less than 40 hours will be at a straight-time rate.
    1. The compensation for each hour of work performed in excess of 40 hours per week will be at 1.5 times the individual's hourly rate.
    2. All overtime must be preapproved and recorded.

Faculty, Administrative and Non-teaching Professionals:

  1. Faculty, Administrative and Non-teaching Professional Employees:

    1. These employees are exempt from overtime pay.
    2. The regular 40-hour workweek normally consists of eight hours per day Monday through Friday.
    3. These employees are expected to work those additional evening or weekend hours required by the duties of the position held.
  1. Teaching Performed by Non-faculty Staff:

    1. Any such teaching activity and preparation, therefore, must take place outside the employee's regular working hours. The only exception to this must be in writing and approved by the President or his/her designee
    2. This section does not apply when the teaching is scheduled as part of the person's regular job assignment.


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