Policies and Procedures

C0300 Hours of Work - Nonexempt/Administrative Employees

To ensure compliance with Western College Policy C0300: Hours of Work - Nonexempt/Administrative Employees and the Fair Labor Standard Act, the procedures are as follows

  1. The workweek begins Sunday at 12:00am and ends at 11:59pm the following Saturday.
  2. The employee's normal workweek will be 37½ - 40 hours per week. This work will be scheduled and recorded based on the needs of the College by mutual agreement between the employee and his/her supervisor.

Overtime compensation. Compensation (either monetary or compensatory time) for work performed beyond 37½ but less than 40 hours will be at a straight-time rate. The compensation for each hour of work performed in excess of 40 hours per week will be at 1.5 times the individual's hourly rate. All authorized overtime must be recorded and approved.

Revised to match Handbook June 8, 2013
Reviewed December 21, 2004
Revised August 17, 1993
Reviewed March 11, 1993
Revised April 18, 1989
Revised April 22, 1986
Adopted September 23, 1980