Policies and Procedures

C0207 Political Activity

Western recognizes the right of employees to take part in the political campaign process while being mindful that activities must be conducted on an individual basis and not as a representative of Western.

In general, the following activities are permissible for all District employees:

  1. Making voluntary contributions for political purposes.
  2. Participating as a candidate for a non-partisan office, e.g., county board supervisor, if such service will not conflict or interfere with the employee's performance of his or her District duties and responsibilities.
  3. Expressing opinions as an individual privately or publicly on political subjects and candidates.
  4. Participating as a candidate for a partisan political office providing a leave of absence is taken from his or her District position.
  5. Being a member of a political party and participating in party affairs.
  6. Engaging in any of the following activities, providing that the employee is off-duty and not on District property:
    1. Soliciting votes in support or in opposition to a candidate for public office or political party office.
    2. Serving as an officer of a political party; a member of a national, state or local committee of a political party; an officer or member of a committee of a political club; or being a candidate for any of these.
    3. Directly or indirectly soliciting, receiving, collecting, handling, disbursing, or accounting for assessment, contributions, or other funds for a political purpose.
    4. Taking an active part in managing the political campaign of a candidate for public office or political party office.
    5. Acting as a recorder, watcher, challenger, or similar office at the polls on behalf of a political party or public candidate.
    6. Organizing, selling tickets to, promoting, or actively participating in a fund raising activity of a candidate, political party, or club.
    7. Driving voters to polls on behalf of a political party or candidate.
    8. Serving as a delegate, alternate, or proxy to a political convention.
    9. Addressing a convention, caucus, rally, or similar gathering of a political party in support of or in opposition to a candidate for public office or political party office.
    10. Initiating or circulating a nominating petition.
    11. Endorsing or opposing a candidate for public office or political party office in a political office, in a political advertisement, a broadcast, campaign literature, or similar materials.
    12. Organizing or reorganizing a political party organization or political club.

The following activities are not permissible for District employees:

  1. Using governmental authority to interfere or affect nomination or election for any public office or position within any political party.
  2. Using governmental authority or influence to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person to vote contrary to his or her own voluntary choosing.
  3. Using governmental authority to directly or indirectly intimidate, threaten, coerce any person to pay, lend, or contribute anything of value, including services, to any party, organization, group, or individual for political purposes.
  4. Using any governmental authority or influence to coerce any individual or group for political action, or to confer benefits or effect reprisals to secure desired political action or inaction.
  5. Offering to pay or accept benefits in return for desired political action or inaction.
  6. Soliciting a district office by any means, or in any manner concerned in soliciting any assistance, subscription, or support for any political party or purpose from any person holding any position in the District while on District time or engaged in official duties.
  7. Using College facilities, equipment, and/or technology for political purposes.

Revised January 7, 2015 (grammatical changes)
Adopted January 17, 2012

‚Äč Reference Policy: B0408 Computer and Telecommunications Usage

 Reference Policy: C0206 Code of Ethics for Employees

 Reference Policy: F0304 Petitions