Policies and Procedures

C0207 Political Activity

The College imposes reasonably necessary limitations on political activity to protect its independence in academic and business matters, and to ensure compliance with the laws under which it operates.

Employees and students should feel free to engage in political activities, while being mindful that activities must be conducted on an individual basis and not as a representative of Western.

Employees and students may not represent their political views or the views of any candidate as Western's viewpoint, nor may the utilize college resources (including, but not limited to, employment status and title) while expressing their private opinions; this includes posting to social media on college technology.

The policy does not prohibit any legislator or candidate for public office from attending any college-sponsored public function as a guest of the College or from being on the premises as a private individual to conduct business with the College.

Revised April 16, 2019
Revised January 7, 2015 (grammatical changes)
Adopted January 17, 2012