Policies and Procedures

C0206 Code of Ethics for Employees

Western's policy and commitment is that our actions will be conducted in accordance with the highest moral, legal and ethical standards.  Our value and reputation for integrity is one of our most important qualities, and each employee plays an essential role in maintaining this high standard. 

A single individual's misconduct can do great damage to a long-standing reputation in the community.  No code of ethics policy can effectively substitute for the thoughtful behavior of our employees.  This policy is to assist in guiding conduct such that the reputation of Western continues to be enhanced.

It is essential that each employee abide by the following principles:

  • Carry out in good faith and with due diligence all policies and regulations established by the District Board.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Behave honestly and fairly.
  • Abide by all laws and regulations including Wisconsin's Code of Ethics for Local Government Officials and Employees.
  • Observe high moral and ethical standards in fulfillment of job responsibilities.  In the case of faculty and staff members required to maintain professional affiliations as part of their jobs, the College expects these faculty and staff to also follow and uphold their specific professional code of ethics.
  • Provide a professional work environment that is free from physical, psychological, written or verbal intimidation or harassment.
  • Accept this personal responsibility to protect children under the age of 18 from all forms of abuse and will report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child to the state authorities.
  • Refrain from using their positions or college resources to obtain ulterior financial or other personal or family gain, or such gains for any agency or organization with which the employees are associated. Any salary or other compensation received by employees from the District for services performed does not constitute "financial gain" as the term is used in this context.
  • Perform their duties in the best interests of all citizens of the District, treating all citizens and agencies fairly, and without special consideration of one individual or agency over another.

Values Statement

Western values the success of our students, and holds ourselves accountable for providing excellence in student learning based on the diverse needs of each student, and built on a foundation of integrity, teamwork and respect.

Penalties for Violation of the Code of Ethics

Employees found to have violated this Code of Ethics will be disciplined, up to and including discharge. Disciplinary actions may include: written reprimand, reduction in pay or position, suspension without pay, and/or discharge

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Revised January 17, 2012
Revised June 17, 2008
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Reviewed March 11, 1993
Adopted April 21, 1992