Policies and Procedures

C0203 Outside Employment

Outside employment is permissible if it does not interfere, compete, or conflict with the College's interests, provided it does not hinder the employee's ability to meet the responsibilities and demands of his or her College-related work.

If outside employment presents a conflict of interest resulting in an adverse impact on the College, or if the College determines that an employee's outside activities interfere with performance or the ability to meet the requirements of the College, the College may direct that the employee terminate the outside employment if s/he wishes to remain with the College.

All employees will be subject to the College's scheduling demands, regardless of any existing outside employment.

Employees acting as official representatives of the College in the presentation of papers, talks, demonstrations or in making appearances shall not solicit or accept fees, honoraria or reimbursement of expenses for personal gain. Any fees, honoraria or reimbursement of expenses which may be offered in connection with this representation shall be paid to the College, provided that the College is reimbursing the employees for their expenses.

Outside employment shall not result in any violation of state laws, including the code of ethics for public officials or conflict of interest prohibitions, or be inconsistent with ethical or other requirements of District policy.

Revised March 20, 2012
Reviewed December 21, 2004
Reviewed March 11, 1993 (grammatical changes)
Revised April 18, 1989
Adopted September 23, 1980