Policies and Procedures

C0201 Nepotism

‚ÄčIn selecting persons for employment, the applicant best qualified and available to perform in the position should receive the offer of employment. No restriction is placed on hiring persons related to current employees through marriage or otherwise. However, employees will not become involved in hiring, promoting, assigning, transferring or influencing, in any other way (e.g. direct or indirect influence over the progress, performance, pay or welfare of the employee) an employment-related decision on an immediate family member, blood relative, domestic partner in any of the following employment-related capacities unless specifically waived by the Human Resources Department with the concurrence of the College President.  For purposes of this policy, immediate family member shall mean spouse, child and parent, and blood relative shall mean sibling, grandparent, parent-in-law, sibling-in-law, grandchild, legal guardian and any person whether related by blood or to whom the employee stood in the mutually acknowledged relation of parent, child or spouse.

Persons hired with the direct-line responsibility area of the employee (e.g. reporting to a subordinate that reports to the employee), for the purposes of this policy, are considered under the "influence" of the employee.

If a change in the relationship between two employees (e.g. marriage or becoming domestic partners) results in a conflict with this policy, the parties will be expected to work out a change in working relationships within a reasonable period of time to eliminate the conflict.  Exceptions will be approved by the President and/or District Board.

Where any funding agency has a statutorily acceptable nepotism policy, such policy must be followed with respect to the activity performed with funding from such agency.

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