Policies and Procedures

C0200 Personnel

Pursuant to Administrative Rule, Chapter A-V (6.06 Personnel), the following policies and reference to policies are adopted:

  1. The College Code of Ethics for Board and Staff is set forth in Policies A0106: Oath of Office and Code of Ethics for District Board, A0202: Code of Ethics for President, and C0206: Code of Ethics for Employees.
  2. The District Board will, in accord with Public Law 38.12, approve issue papers for the appointment, termination, and the change of the terms and conditions of appointments for regular Administrative, Professional and Faculty employees. The District Board will approve by issue papers, the employment and termination of regular clerical/technical support staff and custodial employees and will be kept informed of changes in job assignment of these employees by their announcement in Board Bulletins.
  3. Personnel evaluations, employee success processes, and actions for the instructional, professional and clerical/technical support staff are codified in collective bargaining agreements. They are recorded in the Employee Handbook for the administrative staff.
  4. The College's organizational structure is a matter of record and is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes made in reporting relationships. The responsibility for keeping this record current is assigned to the Vice President of Finance and Operations.
  5. The conflict resolution (grievance) procedure for nonrepresented employees has been approved by the Board and is published in the Employee Handbook.
  6. All employees, as defined in Wisconsin Statute 38.28(5), will be assured in writing of required sick leave accrual and accumulation procedures. This information is included in the collective bargaining agreements for the Clerical/Technical, Professional and Faculty personnel and is included in the Employee Handbook for all other regular full- and part-time employees on the College staff.
  7. The College shall prepare and maintain job descriptions for all regular full-time positions. All employees are encouraged to review their job descriptions annually. Procedures for updating and evaluation positions are established in Policy C0500: Job Classification Review and for administrators and nonrepresented clerical/technical and maintenance staff and in the Support Staff Collective Bargaining Agreement for all represented nonexempt employees.
  8. The College maintains an Affirmative Action Plan in accordance with directives issued by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board and applicable statutes.
  9. College Policy C0100: Equal Employment Opportunity prohibits discrimination on matters of employment.

Revised December 21, 2004
Reviewed March 11, 1993
Revised November 17, 1992
Revised April 18, 1989
Adopted January 15, 1985
Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter TCS 6.06