Policies and Procedures

C0107p Criminal Background Checks Procedure

​In performing a criminal background check:

  • Job applicants will be made aware that criminal background checks will be conducted by notification on the job announcement and notation on the application
  • Applicants will complete a consent form that authorizes the College to conduct a criminal background check.
  • The criminal background check will be restricted to conviction information only and will be conducted following the offer of employment.
  • Criminal background checks will be initiated and reviewed by the Human Resources Office.  Those criminal background checks conducted on potential new regular staff will be conducted through a third party vendor while those conducted on part-time and student staff will be accomplished using the Wisconsin Circuit Court access (CCAP) systems website.
  • Due to the confidential nature of criminal background checks, only Human Resources staff members are authorized to conduct criminal background checks or review the results to determine if the applicant's arrest or conviction record is "substantially related" to the position as required by the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act.  Where uncertain on the application of the information, the Human Resources Office will consult with legal counsel.
  • Background check records should be maintained in secure files in the Human Resources Office to ensure the records remain confidential and will be disclosed only as necessary and appropriate for use in the hiring process.

Adopted June 19, 2007