Policies and Procedures

C0103P College Violence and Weapon Procedure

To ensure the College's objectives to provide a safe environment for all community members, the College is committed to the following:

  • To provide a safe and healthful work and learning environment, in accordance with the College's Safety and Security policy (F0205)
  • To take prompt remedial action against any employee, student, partner or guest who engages in threatening behavior or acts of violence, or who uses any obscene, abusive or threatening language or gestures
  • To establish viable security measures to ensure that the College's facilities are safe and secure to the maximum extent possible and to properly control access to College facilities in accordance to Western's safety and security procedures (F0205p)

Students and employees are prohibited from possessing firearms or other weapons on College facilities, in College owned or leased vehicles, or at College-sponsored events or activities, unless permitted by law and authorized by the President of the College or designee.

2011 Wisconsin Act 35 creates limited rights for licensed individuals to carry concealed weapons and, as defined in Act 35:

  • No person regardless of licensure may enter or remain in any building on College premises while carrying a firearm or other weapon as long as the premises post appropriate notice of such.
  • The College shall post appropriate notice of the prohibition of firearms or other weapons in College premises.
  • No employee of the College may carry a concealed weapon in the course of the individual's employment with the College.
  • This policy does not apply to certified law enforcement officers acting within the scope of their duties.

College employees have a duty to warn their supervisors, managers, security personnel or Human Resources of any suspicious campus activity or situations or incidents that they observe or become aware of, whether they involve employees, students, partners, or other community members.  This includes, but is not limited to, threats of violence, aggressive behavior, offensive acts, threatening or offensive comments or remarks, or discriminatory acts.  The College will not condone any form of retaliation against any employees, students, partners, or other community members for making a valid report under this policy.

Violation of this policy by an employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  Violation of this policy by a student may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the College.   Violation of this policy by a guest of the College may result in removal from College premises.  Law enforcement will be contacted at the discretion of College administration in the event of a violation of this policy.

​Revised January 17, 2019
Adopted January 17, 2012