Policies and Procedures

C0102p Anti-Harassment (Employees)


In any organization where people work together, conflict and complaints, differences of opinion and other forms of conflict will occur. Conflict may occur between co-workers, between supervisors and supervisees, between employees and students, etc.  It may occur as a result of an action or decision made by the employee or by the administration.  The College recommends that employees report the behavior to the Dean of Students (if the conduct is student related); the Employment, Benefits, and EEO Manager and/or Human Resources Director; or to another officer or supervisor with whom they feel comfortable.  Whether a formal (written) or informal (verbal) complaint is made to these individuals, the following will take place:

  • The employee will be asked to describe the incident(s), any statements or actions by parties, any witnesses, the effects of the incident, and any corroborating documents.
  • Although Human Resources will investigate discretely, the College cannot maintain absolute confidentiality while carrying out a thorough investigation.
  • A summary report of this meeting will be typed and given to the employee for review and editing as appropriate.  This report will include the employee's signature, as confirmation of the content of the complaint and the initial meeting.

Employees are protected from any retaliation by the alleged harasser or other co-worker, supervisor, or manager with respect to any discrimination complaint brought in good faith. Employees also need to be aware that this complaint process does not waive any other complaint rights available internally or any rights they may have under any applicable state or federal law.

If an employee submits a formal complaint (in any written format), it should be submitted (in person, by e-mail or US mail) to the Employment, Benefits and EEO Manager, the Human Resource Director, or any other Human Resources employee in the Administrative Center. If sent by US mail:

Director of Human Resources & Employment, Benefits, and EEO Manager

Western Technical College

400 Seventh St N

P.O. Box C-0908

La Crosse, WI  54602-0908

Human Resources will take the following steps as soon as is practical

Initial process:

  • Notify the College President in writing that a complaint has been filed;
  • Meet with the complainant to obtain his/her statement regarding the incident(s);
  • Notify the person(s) against whom the complaint is filed;
  • Interview appropriate individuals to review the complaint and obtain a statement as to his/her/their knowledge and recollection of the incident(s);
  • Establish individual meetings with any other persons identified as involved in the incident either as a part of the incident or as witnesses;
  • Notify the alleged harasser about the prohibition on retaliation against the complainant; If necessary and possible, take steps to separate the alleged victim and alleged harasser;
  • If a determination is made that harassment has occurred, recommend appropriate corrective action and disciplinary action, which may range from a written reprimand up to and including discharge.

Employee Disciplined/Terminated Appeal:

If the above results in discipline or termination of an employee he/she has the right to appeal that decision through:

Victim Appeal:

If, upon the completion of the above procedure, the victim believes the issue has not been resolved adequately he/she has the right to appeal that decision through:

This complaint process does not waive any other complaint rights he/she may have available under any applicable State or Federal law.

​Revised January 7, 2015
Revised May 2, 2013 (grammatical changes)
Adopted January 17, 2012