Policies and Procedures

B0600 Travel and Expense Reimbursement

​District employees shall be reimbursed for actual, reasonable, and necessary travel and meeting expenses, within applicable District reimbursement rates, incurred while on official authorized District business.

All travel should be planned with the principles of fiscal austerity, employee productivity, and energy conservation in mind. Government discounts should be requested from hotels and motels and sales tax exemptions apply.

Group travel should pool transportation and lodging expenses where applicable and possible.

Travel is limited to activities or events relating to the employee's job duties, professional development, and/or to the promotion of the College. The responsibility for monitoring employees' travel and adherence to College guidelines resides jointly with the employee's supervisor, the department administrator, and the Business Office.

All travel and expense reimbursements must be properly approved and follow the procedures established by the College.

Revised June 16, 2015
Revised November 19, 2013
Revised July 9, 2012
Revised June 19, 2007
Revised December 21, 2004
Revised July 8, 1996
Revised October 18, 1994
Reviewed January 19, 1993 (grammatical changes)
Revised June 18, 1991
Revised July 10, 1989
Revised January 15, 1985
Revised May 19, 1981
Adopted November 28, 1979
Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter VTAE 6.04
Wisconsin Statute 38.04(14)
Policy requires approval of Board of WTCS

Reference Procedure: B0600p Travel and Expense Reimbursement

Reference Procedure: B0600p(a) District Board Travel

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