Policies and Procedures

B0500 Procurement

Procurement means buying, purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring any supplies, services, equipment, or construction and includes any other activity pertaining to obtaining supplies, services, equipment, or construction. Any procurement transaction must be formally processed and approved by proper authority to be a valid claim against the District.

The Western Technical College District Board (District Board) shall authorize procurement transactions that are determined to be in the best interest of the District while providing for open and free competition. It is the responsibility of the District Board to protect the interests of the District while complying with current federal and state laws/statutes, regulations, administrative rules, and agency procedures.

Revised July 13, 2020
Revised April 19, 2016
Revised May 20, 2014
Revised November 20, 2012
Revised December 16, 2008
Revised August 17, 2004
Revised November 16, 1999
Revised January 19, 1993
Revised July 10, 1989
Revised July 8, 1985
Revised January 15, 1985
Revised May 19, 1981
Adopted November 28, 1979 

Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter TCS 6.05
Wisconsin Statutes 38.04(14), 38.18 and 62.15
Policy requires approval of Wisconsin Technical College System Board

Reference Procedure: B0500p Procurement Procedures

See also: Purchasing Manual