Policies and Procedures

B0410 Social Media Policy

​Social media, as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. As such, social media is a powerful communication tool and it shall be the policy of Western Technical College to actively use it to educate, inform, and collaborate with its students, staff, faculty, and alumni, as well as members of the community. Social media provides college staff and faculty with the ability to reach students outside the classroom and a way to better inform the public about college news and events.

When it comes to social media usage on behalf of the institution, Western expects its employees to be honest and transparent in their electronic communications as they would be in person and to respect privacy, confidentiality, and copyright laws. Posted content on college social media sites should uphold Western's values by being accurate, student-oriented, sensitive to diverse audiences, and respectful to the college, its employees, students, and the community.

This policy requires that the administration create and maintain procedures and employ best practices as applies to employees and students posting online material on behalf of Western. Employees and students are subject to the same laws, professional expectations, and guidelines when interacting online with students, parents, alumni, donors, and the media as they are in person. Fans and followers of official college accounts must agree to respect the terms of individual social networking sites and understand that Western officials have the right to remove any content that is deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, of a harassing or threatening nature, or can be construed as defamation of character. Profane language will also be removed. Western has the right to block posts from fans or followers who violate these guidelines. Western is not responsible for posts or comments made by fans, followers, or visitors to Western's social media accounts.

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Adopted February 16, 2016