Policies and Procedures

B0409 Lunda Center Use

​The Lunda Center is available for use by all administrative departments, academic units, and sanctioned student organizations of Western Technical College and by non-Western Technical College organizations in cooperation with a unit of Western Technical College.  The facility is intended primarily for an adult/business clientele or for student recruitment events.  All programs conducted in the Lunda Center should meet one of the following criteria:

  • The program being offered must have a clearly identifiable continuing education component.
  • The program must be related to the teaching, research, and/or public service mission of Western Technical College.
  • The program must be intended primarily for a business clientele or for student recruitment.
  • The program must be sponsored, co-sponsored, or hosted by an administrative department, academic unit, or sanctioned student organization of Western Technical College.

The Lunda Center is not intended for use by regularly scheduled classes, 600 level courses, or class reservations where there is a repeating reservation in a particular space on the same day of the week and time of day.

Revised January 15, 2019
Adopted April 21, 2009

​Reference Procedure: B0409p Lunda Center Use Procedures