Policies and Procedures

B0408P(c) Computer & Telecommunications Usage - Technical

Network Use Policy

  1. Campus computing, video, and telephone network services and wired and wireless networks may not be modified or extended beyond the area of their intended use. This applies to all network wiring and wireless, hardware, and in-room jacks. Disconnecting Western equipment in order to connect personally owned equipment to the Western network must be pre-approved with INMS.
  2. The Western network services may not be used to provide Internet access to anyone outside of the College community. Specifically, unauthorized network equipment which can extend the range or reach of the Western network (i.e., wireless hubs or repeaters). Western reserves the right to remove such unauthorized equipment. Unauthorized use of Western equipment is deemed the same as theft.
  3. Western specific or commercially obtained network resources may not be retransmitted outside of the College community.
  4. The network is a shared resource. Thus, network use or applications that inhibit or interfere with the use of the network by others, are not permitted, and violations could result in loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action (for example, applications that use an unusually high portion of the bandwidth for extended periods of time, thus inhibiting the use of the network by others).

Computer Classrooms and Laboratories

  1. Only persons who are affiliated with Western (students/employees/customers) may use District computer and network resources.
  2. All persons must abide by the marked priority equipment in the computer labs.  Examples include, but are not limited to, computers reserved for individuals with special needs, reservations, etc.
  3. All persons entering a computer lab must possess on their person a valid Western identification card.
  4. Users should not start any lab or printing activity that would extend beyond a lab closing time.  Computer labs will close at their scheduled time.
  5. All persons must comply with the instructions given by the instructors conducting class or the lab assistant on duty.
  6. Classrooms containing computers will be closed and the door locked unless an instructor supervises the room (See Policy B0401).
  7. Western reserves the right to install locking software or hardware on all lab/classroom computers to prohibit students from installing non-Western owned software and hardware.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines or the unauthorized or illegitimate use of Western Technical College computing facilities or resources shall constitute a violation of College policy and will subject the violator to disciplinary or legal action by the College. In addition, the College may require restitution for any use of service that is in violation of these guidelines. Any questions about this policy or the applicability of this policy to a particular situation should be referred to the Director of INMS.

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