Policies and Procedures

B0403P Western Cell Phone Procedures

Employees may be issued a cell phone as part of their equipment for their position with the approval of their supervisor.  The purpose of the cell phone is primarily work related.   Phone holder will be responsible for all personal communications.  Please follow the procedures below for payment of personal phone calls and text messages.  Monthly cell phone bills will be sent to each phone holder for verification and payment.Payment proceduresFor verification and payment of cell phone calls and text messages:Note: This does not replace the policy in effect concerning Western desk phones.* See Personal Use of Telephones in Policy B0403Please look over the phone bill to verify calls and check for billing accuracy. If phone holder does not have personal calls please indicate on bill "no personal calls."Return the bills to the Business Office (R 221).If the phone holder has personal calls or text messages:Highlight the call/s and the amount/s on the bill. Send payment, along with the highlighted copy of the bill, to the Business Office.   Send payment before due date stated on bill. Make checks payable to Western Technical College. If arrangements are needed to pay for calls please contact Accounts Payable at 785-9272.

Revised March 20, 2012
Approved December 16, 2008

​Reference Policy: B0403 Personal Use and Misuse of College Property