Policies and Procedures

B0403 Personal Use and Misuse of College Property

This policy provides clarification regarding personal use and misuse of College property.  This policy is intended to cover all types of College property and services, including employee's time, facilities, supplies, vehicles and equipment, such as telephones, printing/copying machines, and computers. 

All College employees must be constantly mindful of the necessity for conducting ourselves with the highest ethical principles, and avoiding any action that may be viewed as a violation of public trust. As custodians of resources entrusted us by the public, government entities, and private donors, we should always be mindful of how we utilize these resources.

The following examples serve as guidelines but are not intended to be all-encompassing.


College facilities are not to be used for personal activities.  No one shall be permitted to remove for personal use from the buildings or grounds any property belonging to the College.


No raw materials, supplies or services can be purchased for personal use using discounts provided to the College or by utilizing the College's tax exempt ID number. 

At no time should district money be used by College staff for personal use.  Borrowing money and replacing it later is not allowed.  No personal checks should be exchanged for cash and held.


Employees shall use confidential information appropriately and with respect for the rights of individuals. Employees shall not use confidential information for personal gain or to the detriment of the College.


Personal long distance telephone calls may be made from desktop telephones only when these calls are placed using a prepaid calling card. Personal use of incoming 800 number calls is not allowed.

Employees may be issued a cell phone as part of their equipment for their position with the approval of their supervisor.  The purpose of the cell phone is primarily work related; however personal calls are allowed if the employee reimburses the College the annually agreed upon reimbursement amount.


Personal use of College computers and electronic mail should be restricted to incidental and emergency use. With the increasing use of electronic communications, staff members should keep in mind that these messages and materials may be accessed as public records if located in College facilities or equipment. All communication should be done in a professional and non-discriminatory fashion.

Personal use of College owned technology equipment such as copier/printer/fax machines should be restricted to incidental use.  Employees must reimbursement the College for personal printing, copies, or faxes.


Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

​Revised March 20, 2012
Revised November 16, 2004
Revised December 18, 2001

​Reference Procedure: B0403p Western Cell Phone Procedures