Policies and Procedures

B0402 Payment for Services and Materials

‚ÄčThe Board recognizes the need for providing a wide variety of related educational work experiences to properly train students in their chosen occupational field. To this end, work projects are accepted when they have a direct relationship to the students' learning and are compatible with the educational objectives of the program.

Persons who are willing to furnish work experience projects for the students at the College do so with the full knowledge that the work is performed as a student learning experience and without warranty either expressed or implied by the College.

Charges for such student work experience projects shall be based on the cost of parts, supplies or materials, a mark-up factor sufficient to cover the cost of miscellaneous supplies, administrative overhead, and applicable taxes under Wisconsin or Federal law.

Payments for services and materials provided through any of the College shops to individuals, including students and staff, will be paid for on a project basis prior to or at the time of the removal of the supplies, material or equipment from College-owned property or in accordance with established procedures.

Reviewed November 16, 2004
Reviewed January 19, 1993
Revised July 10, 1989
Adopted November 28, 1979