Policies and Procedures

B0401 Use of Facilities, Equipment and Services-Archived

Use of College Facilities by Political Parties or Candidates for Public Office:

Leaders of political parties and candidates for public offices may hold public meetings on the campus, if facilities are available, subject to usage fees and necessary routine procedures administered by the President or his/her designee. During any election campaign, College facilities may be made available for one public meeting on behalf of each recognized candidate for public office. In a general election year, each political party may use College facilities for one public meeting on behalf of its candidates for national office, and for one public meeting on behalf of its candidates for stateside office. State conventions of recognized political parties may also use College facilities.

Use of College Facilities for Political Solicitations:

The use of College facilities for the purpose of making or receiving political contribution is prohibited.

Use of Graphic Communications Facilities: (Printing and Publishing, Commercial Art, and Graphics Copy Center)

The graphic communications facilities of the College have been established and equipped to provide instruction in a variety of printing processes and to produce College publications and printed and graphic materials.

It is the general College policy not to compete with private industry. However, the College recognizes that as part of the total educational program, a student may produce limited quantities of material for personal use, and further, that materials may be produced for student organizations, staff organizations, government agencies, or cooperating agencies that are jointly sponsoring an educational program.

Graphic communications projects will be accepted when the project can be coordinated with instruction as an integrated part of the educational program. Approval of the production projects and use of Graphics facilities shall be obtained from the Graphics Chairperson.

Use of Shops and Laboratories by Students and Staff:

No student will be allowed to work in any shop or laboratory without the instructor of that shop or laboratory being present at all times.

No employee or student shall use the shops or laboratories and the supplies therein for personal gain.

No employee or student shall use College equipment, institutional materials, or shop facilities for purposes other than those related to school-supported student activities or instruction.

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